RISC OS Programs

This page has some free programs for RISC OS. If you've never heard of that, this page will be of no interest to you.

Unix-like Programs

This section has some RISC OS programs that operate similarly to Unix command line programs. Some I have ported from Unix, and some I have written myself. To run them you will need an up-to-date version of the UnixLib runtime library SharedUnixLibrary. If you want to recompile them you will need DMLibGNU 1.4, a C library that handles RISC OS/Unix differences and provides RISC OS specific features. The RISC OS specific features include:

Ports of Unix Programs

Each zip file includes an executable, RISC OS specific instructions and changes made to the source code for RISC OS.

Other Programs

Each zip file includes an executable, RISC OS instructions and source code.

C++ Big Integer Class

The BigInt class bigint 1.4 provides a simple C++ interface to Nick Craig-Wood's big integer Numbers module. The module is normally used via system calls, which makes its use a bit cumbersome. The BigInt class provides a simpler interface to the system calls. A copy of the latest version of the Numbers module is provided in the zip file.

!Zap Filters

!Zap filters 1.2 is a collection of filters for the text editor !Zap. These are written in awk, so you will need the version of gawk above installed.

Duncan Moore